Moments To Live For

Kimberley Quinones


"My experience with The Paper House was amazing and exceptional. They took care of every single detail for my book. I will use them again for my next novel, Fallen Leaves!"


May Daze

Tyler Barthelemy

"Monica, Art, and Mo were fabulous. I used all facets of the arsenal, including editing, copyrighting, and illustrating. Every step of the way the team communicated, followed through on promises, and we're willing to help a freshman novelist. My many thanks to the team! When I write my sophomore novel they will be my first contact."


The Missing

Olin Lester


"I wanted to thank you for helping me reach #1 new release on Amazon. I know I went back and forth with the editor Taylor, but she ended up being right about the changes I needed to make to my book. I am writing another book and will use your services again. Thank you."


What Do You Bring To The Table?

Shelley Whizin


"They were the nicest, most caring book publisher a first-time author or any author for that matter, could want. I'm telling you to RUN to this book publishing company if you have a book you want to publish!"

rich king.jpg

.WAV File

Rich King


"I have a killer book design; the quality is evident. I feel taken care of meaning their customer service was night and day compared to my past publisher. And I'm in awe right now holding my very own copy of my book. If you want peace of mind in your very own book creation, bringing it from inception to birth, choose The Paper House. Tiffany, you are amazing and I thank you. I thank The Paper House for letting me see the light. It was money well spent."


Type 2 No More

Mark Chase Jr.

"These guys guided me throughout the whole book publishing process. They understood my vision right from the start and were able to translate it to reality. They provided me with two awesome book covers! They did an amazing job on my editing as well. A huge thank you to The Paper House team!"

Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 3.51.53 PM.png

True Feathers

Carolyn Patrick


"The Paperhouse Books made publishing my first book a joy. Once I finished writing Madelyn did an amazing job editing and polishing the manuscript. They formatted the book and cover for upload (hard copy and e-book) on Ingram Spark and even uploaded it for me. Chris created a wonderful author web page and revised it multiple times as I made changes, added photos and links. It seemed like they were always on call and responded quickly no matter when I e-mailed or called. Mo provided a lot of marketing material and even sent me prepared social media posts once my book was ready for purchase. The whole process took two months, but by the time we finished I felt like we were all old friends. I highly recommend this company for first time authors looking to self publish. You can check out their work on my web site truefeathers.com and ask me any specific questions regarding the process."

Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 3.58.55 PM.png

The Radiant Rainbow Cap

Bonnie Lieberman


"Everyone at The Paper House has been professional, respectful and delivered beyond expectations. Mo and Monica, especially, have been very communicative and easy to work with throughout the entire process. I'm extremely happy with what they have done with my book and I would recommend anyone to work with them. Keep up the good work! You are all awesome."



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