Why Your Words Matter

Words can be problematic, or they can be a blessing. Our words matter because we use words to talk to ourselves inside our minds. Our self-talk and the words we choose have a definite effect on our mind, body, and spirit. I became a writer to help others change their internal dialogue by reading my books.

Through my language permeating the readers' minds, I hope I can affect their mindset and possibly help them elevate their life to the next level. Every word matters because, as a writer, I am changing lives through my communication. What drives me to write every day is that I realized our minds could affect our reality. Now, I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out.

Take the placebo effect, for example. Your mind is powerful enough. If you can take a sugar pill, thinking it is a medication, it affects your body the same way as the real medication. That's incredible. If you focus your mind with an intention like being creative, healing your internal wounds, or having a robust immune system, there is an effect. If your thoughts are powerful enough to change your body chemistry, then your mind can do anything.

That is why your words matter. The way you think, feel, and act changes your physiology, mental, and emotional state. In essence, you're creating your state of being by the language you use. As a writer, I help others change their state of being through my words, which is, in my mind, the ultimate gift to give someone. My love of writing comes from the core of my being because this is the place that I want my readers' to journey when reading. When you come back to yourself and become as authentic as possible, you can begin to write from your heart. In the end, your heart is what speaks the most wisdom

, but the trick is to be quiet enough to listen to that priceless wisdom.

If you ever find yourself lacking the motivation to get something on paper. I want you to remember that your words matter because language is what brings us back to our core values. Communication is priceless, and if you are blessed enough to be a writer, you have superpowers. As Steven Pressfield would say, "The most important thing about art is to work. Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying."

So go out there and Write!

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