Raising Empowered Young Women

My pen name is J. Eward White Jr. and I appreciate the opportunity afforded by The Paper House to guest blog about my self-published book StartPoint: Parenting in "the White House" Raising Empowered Young Women Through a Father's Eyes. In this blog I will be sharing precepts I write about in my book that can be applied by parents of boys or girls, but of particular applicability to fathers of daughters (as you would expect from my book title).

My book is written based on a foundational premise - that parenting is a strategic, multi-decade and multi-generational endeavor bound by a sobering realty, that our children's success or failure as adults is either "because of" or "in spite of" us as parents. I aspire to help fathers be intentional in their relationship with their daughters. From which their daughters can reach their full potential without questioning their self-worth in the presence of others.

I invite you follow my posts and welcome comments. I hope for young parents that these provide insights that can be of value as you navigate the twist and turns of one of the most precious responsibilities, parenthood.

Lastly, I would like to share my self-publication experience. I started my journey in 2012 with an initial draft. I had that version read by a couple parent friends who gave a candid, and valuable, critique. And since it was a book about my family, my wife and daughters had a vote. At the time of my initial draft my daughters were not adults, so we decided to wait a few years. This also allowed me to update my book, add stories and incorporate the recommendations made by my friends. After years of adding, deleting, reading, re-reading, and more editing, I set a target of September 2019 to publish. This also allowed for both my girls to reach near / full young adulthood. Once my publication date was set I backwards planned to enable actual publication with paid final proofreading, attainment of ISBNs and book cover design. I ultimately published my book in August, 2019 through Amazon.

If interested, you can purchase a copy of my book on Amazon at

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