Lost Prt. 1 By Ayden R. Hood

“Go to your room. Now!”

"You’re not my dad! You can’t tell me what to do! You’re just my mom’s boyfriend!” I screamed."

“Go to your room now, and I mean it, I'll get your mom!”

“Get her! I don’t care. What is she going to do about it?”

“You shouldn’t be going out there; you know that there is a rapist murder guy out there and I only yell at you because I care about you.”

“It is just the woods, nothing bad will happen, I’ve been out there a million times and I have never seen anyone out there.”

“Go to your room and don’t come out!”



Beep beep boop beep boop!

“Hello?” Said a girls voice.

“Hey! Ugh I’ve been grounded to my room by my mom’s boyfriend. You should come over; see me in the back in 10 minutes?”

“Yeah sure see you in a little while.”

I climbed out my window jumped to the ground, and walked to the old willow tree that we always met at. A few minutes later Lily walked up, and we headed into the woods.

“So what happened with your mom’s boyfriend now?”

“Well same old same old went into the woods to blow off steam and he flipped out and sent me to my room.”

“What is he scared of? We all know there is nothing out here.”

“When he was a kid his brother went into the woods and got killed by some maniac so that’s probably why.”

“Oh well I didn’t know that. How come you never told me?”

“I didn’t think it mattered. He lies a lot so I didn’t believe him.”

“You never know, he might be telling the truth. What if he is telling the truth about the guy in the wood? What if there is a murderer out here?”

“I doubt it, ugh I hate him so much.”

“It’s starting to get dark out. Maybe we should start heading back to your house.”

“Oooooh don’t get scared and stop being such a wussy there is nothing out here see.”

“HELLOOO!” I screamed

“Stop that!” She spit as she swung at me with a fist.


“What was that?” Said Lily.

“It was probably just an animal or something.”

Out jumped a little bunny rabbit. I went over to pet it, but it jumped away.

“Damn it I wanted to pet it!”

“So Lily, do you think this guy lives in a cabin or something?”

I turned around and screamed. “Raaawwwwr!”

But Lily wasn’t there. She was gone.

“oh no, ooh nooo! Lily! LILLLLY!” I yelled.


I started running through the woods yelling and yelling for her for what seemed like hours. I finally came into an opening and saw an old creaky shack. The lights were on, and I could hear a man talking it almost sounded like but it couldn’t be.

I crept up to one of the windows and peeked in. I saw a room filled with girls who look like they have been eaten, almost dead, tied up. There must have been ten maybe fifteen girls in there.

I backed away from the window when I saw a hooded man bring Lily into the room. I had to help, I looked around and there on a stump was an ax. I yanked it out and started walking towards the front door.

The door was already half way off the hinge so I just pushed it, and it creaked open, I slowly quietly walked in. I came into a kitchen, a very dirty smelly kitchen. Paper bags, blood, and freezer paper everywhere.

I heard someone coming, so I hid behind what seemed like a refrigerator. He walked around the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and a paper bag. He walked back into the other room. I came out from the refrigerator, walked up to the room, looked in and saw what was happening.

He was bent over another girl trying to cut her up as she squirmed and squealed. I raised the ax above my head....

“Don’t!” He whispered.

He turned around and it was who I thought it was it was my mom’s boyfriend.

“I told you not to go into the woods!”

He took his gun out of his holster..... how could I have not seen the gun on this person. Why didn’t I kill him when I had the chance?

To be continued.....

The second part to this short story is on my onlyfans page! This is the family friendly version. Both parts are on my page.

The day I wrote this piece I was sitting in English class, in middle school. I had a few different lifestyles growing up. Mostly I went to a small school in a small town with a huge family. At that point in time in many ways I felt lost. Certain elements of my life are incorporated throughout this story but in fact this story is fiction but life can be unreal at times..

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