Inspiration Can Be Anywhere!

I have something a little silly to share today.

It's a mini blog I wrote during one of my last semesters in college. I called it my "ant blog" because I use it to chronicle my experiences with having an ant farm in my dorm room. It wasn't a "real" blog - I never posted it anywhere, until now. In fact, I think the only people to read this blog at the time I was writing it were my parents! ><

But that's not really the point here. My point is that I took some simple and I turned it into something entertaining. (Read it for yourself, it's actually quite funny!) The ordinary can become extraordinary. You don't have to be rich to sparkle. Inspiration can be found anywhere - you just have to look!

See what you think:

Ant Blog


I put ants in my ant farm on Sunday!!!! I picked up some flowers that had fallen off the stems while I was walking and they had ants on them so I put them in my little box!!!... only I started out with ten and now there are only nine ><... one of them is named Houdini because he has escaped three times but I have caught him each time... the tenth one is The Invisible Ant because I have no idea where he went :(. I think my ants are depressed or something... they are not tunneling, just sitting there and being lazy. But now I have roommates!!! Yay!!!


Hello again, My ants are still being depressed and not doing anything. The instructions say you may have to wait 24-72 hours for them to adjust to their new environment (span of their memory, maybe?) before they dig tunnels, but I don't know. John suggested that they won't do anything without their queen (because I am really going to go dig through their hill and find their queen for them... I don't want ant babies!) and then Mom suggested that I have the wrong kind of ants :(. But we'll see. We will give them another day or so and see if anything happens. In the meantime, I actually did go out and try to find where they came from. But I can't find their old nest :(. All I can find are little black ants or red and black fire ants... mine are little red ants (I think they might be sugar ants). Since I couldn't find their old home or anything, I brought them a mushroom! The instructions say you aren't supposed to add anything but ants to the little farm but it is just a little mushroom and it is cute :). I think the ants like it a little bit since they climb on it, but they are still just mostly depressed. I am kind of hoping that the mushroom with grow in the gel because I think that might be kind of cool. Well, that's all for now... no more ant escapes or anything! Tomorrow will be their third day here and maybe they will get over their depression and do something interesting. If not, I am not sure if I will let them go free (they may not be able to remember where they came from) and try to get other ants or if I will just keep them for during finals since I only have another week or so here anyway.


Good news! Today the ants were very energetic and kept running around the little container. I think their depression phase may be over (hopefully)! Also, it kind of looks like they started tunneling! Some of the "tunnels" I poked now have little open spaces off to the sides (either from them eating the gel or trying to dig). It is not very much but it is a start. I have high hopes for my little friends! Yay!


Hello again! The ants are still happy and crawling all over the place. But I don't think they were the best in their class at digging school. We still have the beginnings of a few tunnels, but not much else ><. They may not be the digging type I guess... oh well. It is kind of fun to watch them crawl around even if they don't dig any thing. And I don't think I want to try and start over with only final left. BTW, we had nine but these days I am only counting eight of them ><... I am pretty sure he didn't escape, because I put tape over the holes on top, so I am thinking maybe one of them died and is hidden somewhere in the dirt attached to the mushroom I gave them... but I'm not sure. Also, they knocked over the mushroom!!!! Can you believe it??? I left them alone for a couple of hours and this is what they do! That's the last time I give them any presents!!! :P


Not much has been happening lately here on the ant farm. I think the "tunnel expansions" that I saw earlier were just from where the ants were eating the gel stuff, since we have already established that they are not the tunneling type. Today I decided to help them a bit and I poked another hole in the gel (this time in the corner, all the way to the bottom). Almost immediately one of the ants was crawling up and down the new tunnel - I think he liked it (maybe it is like a jungle gym for them or something...?). So they were excited about that and in just a couple of hours they had chewed some of those little "tunnel branches" out of it. Other than that things are pretty much the same... they have periods of "sleep" and relative inactivity and then periods of hyperactivity. I can still only count 8 of them :(. And I hope they are not allergic to penicillin- the mushroom I have them has encouraged some mold growth. Stay tuned for more exciting news as finals approach! :P


I would like to amend what I said yesterday regarding the ants I have. I think what I have are COLLEGE ants. They get very busy and run around like crazy without actually accomplishing anything (still no tunnels) and then they "crash" for awhile before starting the process over again. I'm not sure if this is their normal lifestyle or if the anxious atmosphere from living in a dorm around finals has induced this behavior. If the latter is the case, then the only cure will be to wait for the end of finals and see if this erratic behavior wears off. Please pray for my ants (and everyone else who actually happens to be taking exams) as this is their first semester in such a high-stress environment.


Hello again!

The ants have been rather lazy lately...they aren't moving very much. I think they may have senior-itis. And considering that the ants have such a short life span, it actually does make sense that a few days in college for us might seem like a few years to them. But they haven't graduated yet, so I am hoping to find a way to keep them active until the very end!

Also, I think some of the ants might be going senile. They sometimes wander around and poke their heads down the holes I made for them as if they haven't already been done that particular hole a million times already. Hopefully they will at least last through finals before their memory fails!

That's about all for right now... just wanted to give everyone an update. I know it has been a few days but SOME OF US (not the ants) actually have to study and take tests this time of year.


Hello! I have exciting news! To celebrate the diversity of college campuses and to help my ants appreciate cultural differences, I gave them a new friend- a roly poly! Dad and I picked him up when we were outside today. I was hoping he would help liven up the ants and get them out of them senior-itis stupor. Naturally, he was a bit nervous at first from being in a new place and was running around all over the place, but I did see him and one of the ants having a quiet conversation together as they sat next to one another, so I think he made friends eventually :). However, when I checked on them a few hours later, I found the roly poly just sitting on top of the mushroom, all by himself, almost curled up in a ball. I bring him to a new place to learn new things and make new friends, and he gets high on shrooms!!!!! Can you believe it???? That's the foreign transfer students for you. So other than the new house guest who made a bit of a mess and is now being an antisocial drug addict, the ants are still doing well. More of them are hanging our underground in their pre-made tunnels, probably preparing for our last final on Monday. This is the home stretch everyone - thank you so much for all of your support thus far! As soon as finals end I will send you an update - our last :( - as the semester ends and we say good-bye to our newly made insect friends and thank them for the wonderful experiences we have had these past two weeks. :'(


Okay folks! This is it!

I have wonderful news :). Yesterday I happened to notice one of the ants and the roly poly taking a nice walk together around the ant farm facility! Finally, barriers between species have been broken down! This is a great success for all creepy crawly things everywhere!

But along with the joy of new beginnings comes the sorrow of endings. Just minutes ago I released the ants and the roly poly out into the gardens of the track near the nursing school. The end of the semester has finally come, and it is time for them to go out into the world and share the knowledge and friendships that they have cultivated with bugs everywhere. It is but a small step for mankind, but a giant step for our little friends. May we always remember them with fond memories and smiles!

This is the last email FOREVER regarding our favorite insectoid friends :'(. But don't be sad- as we speak, those fearless ants are bravely doing what no ant has ever done before- returning home with a college degree :P.

Thanks everyone for reading along! I had a great time and I hope you did too!!!

P.S. - Tune in next week to see my views on pigeons...;P

As you can see by the dates, this was written a LONG time ago... I promise my writing has improved dramatically since then XD. But my prior statement stands. Creativity need not evade your grasp forever. The unimportant can teach big lessons and even something small can become a big deal. Be open to inspiration wherever you go - you never know what you might find!

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