Good to be here!

As this is the first post of my blog here's a little bit about me.

I think of myself as a teller of tales which is why I took the identity Tusitala for my website and for my email. The Samoan Islanders called Robert Louis Stevenson Tusitala when he lived there - it means teller of tales. you've probably guessed that RLS is a writer I admire.

I'm a playwright, short story writer and novelist. I have two books available on Amazon - the first is a psychological thriller - The Alienation of Ludovic Weiss. The title character is a sort of Everyman who is enjoying a successful life until for no apparent reason it all implodes. There is a reason of course but you'll need to read the book...

I mentioned short stories. This a form I think is much neglected by mainstream publishers. My collection of macabre short stories 'His Cat and Other Strange Tales' is also available onAmazon

I live in UK in the lovely county of Hereford. We are right by the border with Wales. Here's a look at where I live.


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