Correctly Different

The days for me have been like most, but for others it is unlike their normal. For instance like you I know my normal. You know your day to day versus others. The work ethics are not the same. Not to say we don't all break our backs with the work we do. What is being said here is that you do not step every step I take, your eyes don't see the same way. Your mouths don't reside the same stride my path has awakened. So thus far we real eyes that every body is correctly different.

If I may, I will share with you some of those differences or complications. For the past year I have not been working a steady income tax based paying job. I did up until April of last year, then decided to start working for myself as well. I attended a modeling/acting school and completed 30 classes in six months. I worked a full time job at Dairy Queen while doing so to pay for the classes and gas money to get to the center. I did PCA work for my mother to get an extra check and helped her with the kids. I also lived in her basement at the time.

As soon as the summer was over I needed to find another place to live. I moved back to my home town and stayed with a friend for a couple of days. I didn't feel comfortable staying long so I moved in with my brother for a few weeks until I found something more permanent. After a week or so I found an old friend who was looking for a roommate. It was cheap, run down and had some very risky looking characters around it, but it was cheap. I had no where else I wanted to go so I signed onto the lease and I lived there.

Since then I have been nothing but focused on my artistic career as a writer, singer, actress, and business woman. I have not had a nine to five job. I've had complete control over my time. Solely focused on where my destiny exists. Manifesting my legs to show my true home. I have the idea to make the choice. I have determination, stamina, discipline and a great personality to make it happen. I can do anything I set my mind to. I can and you can too.

~Ayden Rhiana Hood

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