CORPORATE ARMAGEDDON- the war between Innocent Talent and envious Malevolence!

v My novel ‘CORPORATE ARMAGEDDON’ describes the arduous journey of a young woman named ‘Swarali Mehta’, in her very first organization. The story peppered with conflict carries the undercurrent of the clash between innocent Talent and envious malevolence.

v One would recoil in horror on reading the host of ploys that are aimed at exploiting SWARALI. She is caught between Tyranny and the grave Uncertainty about her future. Does SWARALI win the ARMAGEDDON or war against certain unscrupulous Corporate (so-called) professionals?

v The novel is a saga of courage and determination, which will give you an insight into the dark side of the glamorous Corporate world. The story interspersed with shocking twists and turns is a must-read for youngsters who want to sustain themselves in the corporate world, without treading the path of Deceit.

#How is reading this novel beneficial to everyone?

Ø After reading this novel, you will realize what are the factors that contribute to the dark side of the corporate world, which few unfortunate working professionals like SWARALI MEHTA get to experience.

Ø This novel throws light on the detrimental effects of ‘DIRTY POLITICS’ and ‘EMPLOYEE EXPLOITATION’ which have a negative impact on the working environment of any organization. It will catapult the entire hierarchy of Corporate professionals out of their indifference to the misuse of Power.

Ø If the message given by this novel is comprehended by the entire hierarchy of Corporate professionals, the Corporate world would be a ‘Shangri La’ for employees as well as the Employer.

Ø The protagonist Swarali Mehta’s indomitable spirit will boost the morale of those individuals who have accepted defeat and who are bereft of hope.

#The current scenario in Corporates

Ø Today, employees in big, mid-sized as well as small Corporates are bereft of a positive and healthy working environment and most often this is not because of work pressure or the pressure to achieve deadlines and targets.

Ø Deadlines, Targets, revenue generation, and striving to be on par with competitors; are part and parcel of Corporate life. Needless to say that these are the factors that are crucial for the organization to stay ahead in the rat-race.

Ø However, when competition within employees of the same organization, transcends into rivalry; the working environment becomes hostile, and ‘Dirty politics’ secures its place in such an environment dissipating Negativity among employees.

Ø Saddist employees who try to encroach the performing space of their colleagues are responsible for Dirty politics. Employees in higher authority belonging to the managerial cadre, harbor favoritism for an employee or are biased towards him and thus differential treatment is meted out to favorite employees.

#Hoping that my novel CORPORATE ARMAGEDDON kindles the conscience of those employees who are responsible for the DIRTY POLITICS and EMPLOYEE EXPLOITATION which are rampant in many corporates.

#The link of my Fiction book (Novel) titled CORPORATE ARMAGEDDON is available on Amazon Kindle as

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