Children’s Birthday’s and the Concept of TOMORROW

You plan and prepare for your child’s birthday. There are guests invited and decorations prepared. Presents are wrapped and the cake looks delicious. Sometimes it feels as though you are just as excited as they are. Then they wake up on their special day and the first thing out of their mouth is “Is today my birthday?” Hmm . . . not exactly what you had hoped for. I get it, you really want them to wake up and from the second they open their sweet little eyes KNOW it is their day. You want them to feel an overwhelming feeling of love and joy in their hearts. What if I told you my family tradition makes that a reality?

Yup, that is exactly how I felt when I woke up on my birthday as a child. The concept of time is difficult for children. Research shows children have an easier time grasping the concept of “yesterday” than the concept of “tomorrow”. I am sure now you are wondering how a simple (and affordable) family tradition can make a child feel loved and help them grasp the understanding that it is, in fact, their birthday the second they open their eyes. It is simple. The child makes a wish for the Birthday Fairy to come the night before their birthday. Then in the night the Birthday Fairy comes and decorates their room with Fairy-Tails (toilet paper). When they wake up to decorated room they will not wonder if it is their birthday. . . they will KNOW. Not only that, it will feel like an adventure getting out of their room and they will have something fun to show the guests at their party.

I was so in love with this tradition that I continued it with my children and decided to write a children’s picture book about it so you can share it with your children on their birthday eve: Fairy-Tailed Wish. It can be purchased on Amazon. Your child will love reading about Suzie, the original Birthday Fairy, and her fairies in training Dax and Lily. Watch out, when fairy dust meets toilet paper things don’t always go as planned. This is more than a book . . . it is a childhood experience to be treasured for a lifetime!

Happy Reading!

Megan Pighetti

Twitter: @Fairy_Tailed

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Instagram: FairyTailedWish

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