Bromo Perkins - A Fine Read

I've just finished reading 'Done Deal' by Tony Berry - the first in his series of thrillers featuring Bromo Perkins.

I met Tony Berry at a book fair - sadly the Covid virus seems to have wiped them out for the moment. I didn't buy the book then but took his flyer and bought later. I do like to support independent authors and in this case my support was amply justified.

Done Deal is well written, professionally structured and tells an intriguing story. Bromo Perkins the main character has a lot to tell us and since this volume is the first of a series not everything is laid out in a rush. I'm sure there will be more revelations to come in later novels.

Although as I've intimated there is a quantity of exposition and introduction of secondary characters Done Deal is certainly complete in itself and satisfyingly so. The story involving corruption at town council level bowls along nicely although I must say that I felt the denouement when it came seemed a bit too neat - it was a bit of a soft landing.

I was also attracted by the setting of the story. Australia in general makes a welcome change from the usual US, Russia, UK suspects. I'm also a fan of Melbourne so it was good to see the place in a book.

I liked the story and the characters. I'll certainly be picking up another Bromo Perkins before too long.

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